• #zerowaste I avoid using packing wherever possible, however some perishable products will be kept fresh in plant based compostable/ degradable packaging.
  • Lawsons Market Garden produce is beyond organic, omitting the use of any artificial chemicals. Instead using techniques such as companion planting to attract beneficial insects that prey on pests in place of pesticides.
  • Instead of aiming to feed the plants, I aspire to feed the soil and treat it as a living organism with regular additions of homemade compost, eradicating the need for fertilisers.
  • I encourage mycorrhizal networks to form within the soil by practicing #nodig gardening, mulching my walkways with woodchip and leaving root systems in place post harvest to increase the humus layer and levels of organic matter within the soil.
  • By focusing on soil health and encouraging biodiversity on site my goal is to create balance within systems so that no one pest or disease can dominate.
  • Closed loop systems. All crop residue is composted on site and used to boost fertility of the soil the following season. I aim to be self-sufficient in compost within 2years.
  • Produce is deliveried no further than 30miles from the Market Garden.
  • All produce is harvested and packed on the day of delivery, ensuring customers receive their order at its freshest.
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