“I began growing food a decade ago just before the birth of my son. Inspired by a desire to feed my family with wholesome homegrown veggies, this became a pivotal moment which led me to discovering a much higher purpose in life and enabled me to channel my energy into something which has truely blossomed”.

What led me here

Working in hospitality as a chef and restaurant manager then on to leading the sales team at Riverford Organic Farms, a multitude of farming and horticultural projects followed. With all of this experience across several sectors under my belt, I decided to encapsulate it all and launch my very own regenerative farm, Lawsons Market Garden.

The Future

I have documented the story of how this project came to be primarily through Facebook and Instagram and most recently on YouTube, whilst discussing the practices of no dig gardening, my use of permaculture principles and the importance of small scale farming in relation to a more sustainable future.

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